deepin 20.2.2 The easy Debian with incredible looks

The deepin 20 Linux operating system was officially released today with many new features and improvements.

Deepin is known as one of the most beautiful GNU / Linux distributions, and at the same time provides a safe, secure, reliable and easy-to-use operating system, as it uses the latest stable version of Debian (10 Buster). deepin, deepin 20.2, deepin linux download, deepin desktop environment, linux, iguru,

Deepin as mentioned above is a distribution based on Debian but has the custom Deepin desktop interface and of course the related tools. The project released today a new stable version on 20.2.2. The new big version brings a lot of improvements that make the operating system much faster.

In deepin 20.2.2, the operational performance of processors, network transmission and response, file reading and writing, as well as graphics, has been significantly improved by optimizing settings and kernel. And conventional functions have been fully optimized. You will enjoy smoother experiences and faster responses with these improvements.

Kernel 5.10 (LTS), and Kernel 5.12 (Stable) Tips for the new version and more about the new features of deepin 20 can be found at publication of the publication. deepin, deepin 20.2, deepin linux download, deepin desktop environment, linux, iguru, Download ISO:

I personally choose the original distributions, and in this case I use Debian. But for those who want to get started with Linux, it is best to choose a distribution that installs everything automatically. I recommend the MX Linux distribution, so you do not have adventures with the drivers after installation. However, if you want a desktop that looks like MacOS by default, try deepin. One of the strengths of Linux is its versatility. This means you can create a deepin desktop in any distribution you want, as long as you have it

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