Deepin 20.8 Debian for everyone

The developers of the Debian-based Deepin Linux distribution announced today the release of Deepin 20.8, the 8th maintenance update of the latest series Download Deepin 20.


Deepin 20.8 comes with updated kernels, various other enhancements, and bug fixes and security fixes.

The distribution brings the Linux kernel 5.15.77 LTS, while the 5.17.3 kernel was added to the repositories for those with new hardware. The former is used by default for new installations, although you can easily choose the latter from the advanced boot menu options.

Deepin 20.8 also brings an up-to-date installer, which is smarter in creating partitions, so you do not have to create an EFI partition if it already exists on disk. Additionally, the installer now automatically adds swap partitions.

Another interesting change in this version comes with the System Monitor tool, which has acquired a new monitoring plug-in to fully detect CPU and RAM usage while allowing users to set alerts. The App Store has been significantly improved and the search now separates Linux native applications, from Windows applications, and Android apps.

Camera, Music, Album, Disk Utility, Text Editor, OCR Text Extraction, and Draw have also been updated and improved in this release.

You can download the updated ISO from hereWhile here You will find more details about the new version of Deepin 20.8. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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