DeepL Write released free AI writing tool in beta form

DeepL, maker of DeepL Translator, presented today a companion product, DeepL Write; DeepL Write is an AI writing companion that, according to the company, is designed to improve written communication.

DeepL Write is available for free for now and marked beta. The writing tool corrects grammatical errors, suggests text and can reword entire sentences.deepl write 2

Its interface is similar to that of DeepL Translator. Users type or paste text into the first text field and DeepL Write displays it in the second. The process is instantaneous and users can instantly copy the result to the clipboard.

There is also the option to display alternative words. A click on a word or phrase displays alternatives, which the user can select with a click. The same option is available for suggestions. DeepL Write displays different versions of the sentence, which users can choose to replace the selected one.

DeepL Write is available as a web tool at this point. Language support is currently only in English and German.

Additional languages ​​and tools will be added over time. Future updates may also include options to edit entire documents and special tools or plugins to improve usability.

DeepL has not disclosed its plans for a commercial version of the service. The company may aim for a freemium model, as it already does with DeepL Translator. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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