See the 3D mapping of the planet Mars

See an amazing XNUMXD mapping of the planet Mars as you would see Earth from Google Earth.

mars map

The Red Planet has been fully mapped. The canyons, the mountains and most of the large formations of its surface now have names. The increasingly modern technological tools enrich and improve the image we have of Mars, which man is expected to visit soon.

Satellites, exploration robots, and even the drone located on Mars send a multitude of images of the planet to Earth every day. So space lovers can "visit" the Red Planet through their computer or mobile screen, just as they would visit planet Earth through Google Earth.

The Bill Murray Planetary Visualization Workshop, of Caltech University in California, famous for its technological laboratories, created the first XNUMXD map of Mars. This is a really impressive map that allows the user to select any point on the planet, zoom in and see it appear before their eyes.

The map displays the red planet as a sphere that you can zoom into amazingly on its surface using your mouse wheel. At the bottom of your screen there are ready-made buttons that take you directly to points of interest, such as ravines (Carpi Chasma), Mount Olympus, the location of Curiosity, etc.

mars map 2

The map is so detailed that it covers 25 square meters of the Martian surface in every pixel. With the menu on the right side you can open and close various appearances (layers) of the planet, such as the appearance of the names, a color representation of NASA, etc.

The research team that created the map took about six years to do using about 110.000 images of Mars. The researchers used an algorithm that organized about 100 images of Mars already in databases, while the researchers had to manually add another 13.000 images to complete the map.

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