See the apps that share your data with Facebook

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, which are Meta core services you are the product, but you probably already know that. Many have said so. You also know that for all the above companies we have read privacy scandals.


Meta's privacy practices are particularly problematic. At the moment we can safely say due to the size of the user database that the company is the largest non-governmental collector of personal information in history.

Meta, through its various applications knows more about your personality than you can imagine. From seemingly simple details like your phone number and email to very annoying ones like your location history, your sexual orientation, your relationship status but also a lot of biometric information. Meta has it all.

If you use Facebook, Meta has a complete history of where you have been for at least the last year. Once you subscribe to any of the Meta products, watch indefinitely. Facebook, for example, monitors you even when you are not using any of its products. It does this through data sharing agreements with hundreds of other tech companies whose applications you use.

Off facebook activity lets you see and check what facebook knows about you through third party websites and apps.

From music players, browsers, game apps, eBook readers to caller IDs, most of the software installed on your device shares your data with Meta.

This means that the company can determine with terrifying accuracy your taste in music, books, games, websites you visit, what you do online and how you interact with technology as a whole.


Don't you believe it?

Sign in to Facebook, and click the menu bar in the upper right corner of your app screen
Scroll down to find the "Settings".
Go even further and find the "Off-Facebook Activity" or Off-Facebook Activity. (
Click on Manage Your Off-Facebook Activity and you will be asked for the password you use.

You will see and be able to manage the list of applications that share your personal data with Facebook.

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