Bug on iOS 7 allows iCloud to be deleted without password

A new bug appeared in iOS 7.1 which seems to allow anyone with physical access to the device to delete the owner's account at iCloud without having to type the password. The technique is not very easy, but that does not mean Apple will not have to fix the security gap. 


According to YouTube's demo uploader Miguel Alvarado, you can delete your Apple Cloud account by going to the iCloud settings panel and selecting "Delete Account." At the same time, you need to turn off Find My iPhone. The phone will display two dialog boxes but you will not use either of them. Immediately after and while your device is asking for the password to proceed with deleting your iCloud account, turn off the phone.
After reboot, reopen the settings window and choose to delete the account.

This time, iOS will not ask for your password but will delete your account. Vulnerability is serious enough and should be dealt with as soon as possible by Apple.

Apple will also have to deal with a iOS 7 problem that results in a short battery life. So far, there is no indication that the company is trying to correct it.

As it is known to those involved with the company, updates on such issues do not come as the release of new iOS, or a new device that always comes with a new iOS. Due to the severity of the vulnerability, we hope Apple will overcome it.

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