DELL Dangerous Certificate Removal Instructions

Yesterday we announced Dell's acceptance of eDellRoot and the promise of the company that it will remove it with some software 1

Below are two different ways to remove the certificate that compromises Dell computers where it exists.

If you are using a computer of your company before proceeding, you might want to test if your system contains the certificate that has caused all this inconvenience. How;

Visit the page

If your system contains eDellRoot, use the company tool removal tool for automatic uninstall.

If you still want to do this manually, follow these steps:

Open the certificate manager by performing a search on your system for certmgr.msc. Open the application from the results.

The "eDellRoot" certificate can be found at the "Trusted Root Certificate Authorities". From there you can delete it.

However, you should also delete the Dell.Foundation.Agent.Plugins.eDell.dll file,

To do so easily follow the instructions contained the driver of the company (docx)


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