Dell hacked: attention leakage data

The US hardware company Dell today announced a security breach that took place at the beginning of November, namely November 9.

Dell reports that it has detected an unauthorized intruder (or intruders) "trying to extract customer information" from their systems. dell

Invaders were interested in customer names, email addresses, and encrypted passwords. The company did not give any further details on the complexity of the password encryption algorithm.

Note that some of the encryption algorithms like MD5 can break in a few seconds and reveal the password in plain text.

"While it is possible that some of this information has been removed from Dell's network, our research does not find any evidence of this," Dell said in a statement. Press release. The American company said it was still investigating the incident.

The company also reported that hackers did not target payment cards or other sensitive customer information, and that the incident did not cause normal service interruptions at the time of the violation or afterwards.

The company, however, has begun resetting passwords for all of its registered customers' accounts on, and said it has informed the authorities. He also hired a security company to conduct an independent investigation.

It is worth mentioning that, although the company seems to downplay the violation, we know that too many companies that have been violated alter the initial disclosures as their research progresses.

In addition to resetting passwords, users should manually check their most compromised information. For example, if they have saved a payment card, they should monitor the movements of the card…


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