Dell and Lenovo publish a list of computers compatible with the 2004 version of Windows 10

Dell and Lenovo publish a list of tested devices that are compatible with the latest version of Windows 10 in 2004.

And while the new version of Windows 10, 2004, is causing problems on some devices, two major PC companies tried the new May 2020 update and found that their devices behaved. And to know what is going to happen the two companies have published a list of fully compatible devices.

Windows may shut down your machine until known errors are resolved, as once Microsoft detects a conditional malfunction, it blocks receiving updates from devices that have these conditions. But computer makers Dell and Lenovo are not waiting for Microsoft to rule on their machines. They have published compatibility lists. These cover devices that companies have tested to find out if they are compatible with the new version of Windows.

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So it's a good idea for Dell and Lenovo PC owners, whether they are desktops or laptops, to first check the compatibility list before installing the update.

Lenovo customers can go to this support page on the Lenovo website. From there they can either enter a serial number at the top, or use the "select your product" option, or just browse the list for their own model.

Η Dell Support Page Quotes also product groups and devices. The company provides information about identifying your computer model. Quite useful for customers who do not know the exact brand and model of their device. All devices listed by Dell have been tested for compatibility and must work with Windows 10 version 2004.

Dell notes that it has not tested all models and will not provide driver updates for untested devices.

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However, we can not say anything. Every Micorosft feature update is a little adventure. So that we do not get bored.

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