Demokritos Materials Future: The Secret of Technological Progress

Materials Future: What about solar-photovoltaics, chemical-free colors, cheap desalination, human-machine hybrids with a nervous system of polymeric materials or even living objects that respond to their environment?

Technologies based on Advanced Materials may indeed be beyond imagination.Materials Future

And it has always been so.

Man has been making new materials for thousands of years: ceramics, metals, semiconductors, are just some of the emblematic materials on which our civilization was built. With new materials we will face our current deadlock. We consume the planet's mineral and energy resources at a dizzying rate and pollute our environment in an irreversible manner.

Renewable energy, recycling, prudent use of raw materials and energy is the answer given by modern man to this problem.materials future

How exactly do we create the technologies that are needed?

Material Science is the basic tool we use to convert scientific knowledge into new technologies. Recent studies have shown that behind 70% of all technological achievements that come into use every day, Advanced Materials are found.

These are precisely the technologies that humanity is trying to eliminate once more the problems and create the sustainable societies of the future.

A large part of the National Center for Research in Natural Sciences "Demokritos" not only participates in the development of such technologies but is a pioneer in several of them.

This is why scientists from the Center have undertaken, together with their collaborators from across Europe, to show not only how the technologies of Advanced Materials are being exploited to create a viable world but also how they think they will improve our daily lives.

Thus, with funding from the European Union, this group created, in 23 European languages, a series of movies, educational material but also one educational game in which the player builds with New Materials the world of the future.

Materials Future: All available for free at:


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