designstripe: Free sketch creation

Designstripe is an online, free illustrator that comes with a huge library of customizable images.


The designstripe website offers you a free sketch editor, where you can edit any part of the illustration. After editing the image, you can export it in JPG and PNG formats.

The free version (because there is also a premuim) provides you with several ready-made sketches with a variety of themes. For each sketch there is a graphic library, which allows the user to create his own final image. The main thing in the free version is that you can export your sketch without a watermark.

The designstripe is very easy to use. All you have to do is create a free account that does not require verification (as we did with fake email) and then start using it online. They do not need computer skills or graphic design. Just imagination!

On the page there are 2 types of illustrations that you can browse. Scenes and Objects. You can select any option and then proceed accordingly.

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After selecting an image, click "Customize" and it will open in the editor. You can then edit anything in it. The entire color palette can be customized and you can see the changes in the final display online.

In advanced editing, you can change the objects in the images or delete them. In addition, you can control and modify the details of the scene along with the look and feel of the whole design.

When done, click the Download button to save the design to your computer. You can select the resolution and the final export format.

It is ideal for kindergarten and elementary school teachers, for advertising, for webmasters and graphic designers. Of course if you are interested in color sketches it is suitable for you too.

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