Is it wrong to have your desktop computer on the floor?

Despite the desktop name, a desktop computer does not need to be located on an office. This huge tower-shaped computer certainly suits the joy of the floor. But is it a mistake to put him there?


When the time comes when you will be looking for a convenient place for your desktop computer, you should take seriously into consideration two key factors. Ventilation and dust.

The carpet can clog the airflow
Modern desktop computers are usually not completely flat at their bottom. They have legs so that their base is just above the floor. Thus, there is an airflow underneath the casing. All computer boxes have hot air blowers and air vents that allow fresh, cool air to enter. In some cases you will even see intake fans that further facilitate fresh air supply.

If you place your computer on a thick velvet mat, the carpet can prevent some of this airflow. This is very bad, especially if you have a box that has ventilation slots at the bottom. It is bad even if you do not have lockers, as if your computer sinks a little on the carpet, it can accumulate trapped heat at its bottom, from the lack of airflow.

Of course, if you have a short carpet or a soft carpet on your floor, the computer will be fine as it will have free space at the bottom of it. And, even better, if you do not have a carpet at all, that would be ideal.

Before you put your computer on the floor, be sure to think about the airflow. Avoid placing your desktop tower on a thick carpet. If you can not remove the carpet, place a hard surface in between. You can buy a rolling high base or the need to press it on a cutting board. It may not be aesthetically perfect but will solve your problem.

Your computer will absorb more dust on the floor
Your floor certainly has more dust, hairs and other rubbish than a desk or table. Your desktop PC fans suck the air near the floor and pass it into your box. Thus, fans absorb and carry dust, dirt and other rubbish into the computer.

This of course happens no matter where you place your computer. Even if you have your computer on your desk, you should blow it occasionally with a bit of compressed air. But your computer when on the floor is more full of dust. The dust prevents it from cooling down and your pc is operating at higher temperatures until at least it is cleaned.

It is easier to wipe and generally keep the space around a computer clean when it is on a desk. The reason is that you have it in your field of view, you want your office clean, so clean your computer every now and then. If you have him on the floor, in a corner, how often do you move him to wipe near the wires and under his base?

However, if you have your computer on the floor, remember to drench it more regularly than it was in your office. Of course it depends on how dusty your floor is. You should remember to clean around and behind the box to avoid dust buildup.

Apart from the two above factors, the floor is fine
Problems with ventilation and dust (both leading to overheating) are the main reason why geeks usually advise not to place a desktop computer on the floor.

But, if you have both of these things under your control, there is no other problem touching your computer on the floor.

The floor, in some cases, may be preferable. Logically, you have more room on your floor than your office and placing your tower there will free up space in the office. Some users with a heavy computer tower may be worried that the computer will be overturned by the office if children or pets are dropped.

Of course, the circumstances are different for each one of you. If, for example, there is a risk of water on the floor, your computer is safer if it is off-floor.

All of these thoughts are even more important if you have a computer made for games or a workstation that produces a lot of heat. If you have a low-power desktop that does not produce much heat, ventilation is not such a big problem. The modern, lightweight, desktop PCs are often small boxes that fit easily into one corner of your office.



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