How To Destroy Your Laptop |

Hopefully you aren't wondering how to destroy a laptop and not go into this article just for that. But it is a good idea to know the most common reasons that can be harmed so that you can keep your own as safe as possible.

Because laptops are portable they are more prone to accidents and damage to their hardware. Luck is part of the equation, but let's see how to avoid spoiling a laptop over time. Below are five common mistakes that can be fatal.

1. How To Destroy A Laptop With Excessive Heat |
Laptops generate a lot of heat. Over time and as technology evolved, laptop processors were more efficient but their average temperature dropped. However, many laptops are still overheating.

A fan (or other cooling source) must eliminate this internal heat and it is your responsibility to keep the fan ventilation clean and open. If it is blocked, the heat has nowhere to go. Instead, it will stay around the critical components of your laptop. Eventually, your laptop will reach dangerous temperatures and overheat.

Some laptops react to this and will shut down automatically. But others will suffer from the heat as they are cooked slowly, until death.

Furniture, rugs and rugs are the usual surfaces that can cause havoc. Wherever you place your laptop, make sure that ventilation has a clear path to get it working. Even a bunch of books that are too close to your laptop can cause problems.

This is not the only source of heat. Over time, the dust that sits inside your machine will clog the fan and the internal air ducts. If you've bought your computer for years, then you have to clean it to remove all the accumulated dust from inside it.

Be suspicious and pay attention to the sound of your laptop fan. If it sounds like a jet engine and your computer is not currently running a demanding job (such as games or video coding), consider it as a cry for help.

2. How To Destroy Your Laptop Hard Disk
Many laptops now include an SSD (Solid State Drive). Since SSDs have no internal moving parts, they are more resistant to movement. However, many older or cheaper laptops still have a mechanical hard drive (HDD). These disks can be damaged if they move too much.

This problem with a rotating hard drive is due to the use of mobile components. The hard drives have a read / write head that needs to be moved to interact with the rotating disk. These parts have their own inertia, so if you move your laptop while it is working, they will try to move in their original direction. This can cause contact between the internal components of the hard drive, which in turn could cost you your data.

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You can reduce the risk by gently shaking your laptop and not moving it when you run a program that often approaches the hard drive. Gently move your laptop without fast movements. Even if your computer has SSD, you should be aware of the signs of SSD failure for early troubleshooting.

3. How To Damage Your Laptop By Misusing It
If you're wondering how to quickly spoil a good laptop, try lifting your laptop off the screen. Holding it from one angle, especially loose with one hand, is a bad idea. Even high quality laptops can sometimes succumb to this seemingly innocent abuse.

When a laptop is plugged in, the best way to get it is to grab the front or back of the device. It's a smart move to take with both hands for safety. When your laptop is open, you should receive it with both hands (one on each side).

Do not pick up a laptop from the screen. If your laptop has a CD-ROM drive, don't just keep it on that side. You should also keep the laptop on a flat, flat surface whenever possible. This will prevent it from bending.

Some laptops will break down immediately and others may address issues in a short period of time. Specifically, receiving a laptop from the screen puts a lot of pressure on the hinges. They are not intended for such handling. Thus, this may damage the hinges or surrounding materials, causing the joint to break or the screen to shut down.

4. How to Destroy a Laptop by Rotating the Cables |
If you want to shrink your computer, treat its cables like trash. Bend them sharply, squeeze them into corners, twist them with strange angles and wait for them to break. It will happen sooner than you can imagine.

You might think that power cables can dampen a possible distortion and bend, but often they can't. Laptops are primarily mobile devices so there is a good reason to make their cables slim, lightweight and easy to move.

Frequent damage occurs when someone folds the cable over another object to keep it clustered. Sometimes the object has sharp edges, which cut off the cable. And you don't need an obvious object like a knife. A hard plastic tip is all you need. In some cases, the transformers embedded in the cable will even damage the cable if you wrap it around this plastic brick.

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Avoid this problem by wrapping a cable with large smooth virions. Most cables are packaged this way and some include a small piece of Velcro that you can use to hold the cable together. If your cable does not have Velcro, you can buy it. It's pretty cheap.

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You should also make sure that you do not put too much pressure on your computer cables. Avoid hanging the AC adapter in the air. This will put pressure on the plug that goes into your laptop. Over time, this will weaken the plug and could even damage the socket, preventing your computer from charging. It is important to have a little loose wiring.

5. How To Destroy A Laptop With Inappropriate Transportation
As we examined above, laptops do not like to shake. No matter what you mean by "movement", you can not have it in the back of a motorcycle, or in an empty trunk of a car while fighting with your friends. At least not without additional protection.

Many people buy a laptop bag to protect it from daily bumps and bumps. This is a great first step, but you need to make sure that the bag really provides protection and is not just for ease of carrying. Cheap laptop bags include a compartment the size of a laptop but usually lacks protection.


Others have some kind of foam on the sides of the bag, but completely neglect to protect the top or bottom. Of course, the bottom is what hits the floor when you drop a bag you hold.

The right carry bag is an essential item when you want to travel by plane, motorbike or even car. The same bag is also essential when you are just visiting your friend with your laptop.

Have you ever destroyed a laptop?
In short, it's important to keep track of the small details. Otherwise, your laptop could die, with a slow death, from damage to the hinges, the hard drive, the outer casing, or other components. Even seemingly minor actions, such as falling bread crumbs on the keyboard, can cause serious damage over time.

You will read stories of people throwing their laptop in a pool, pouring a drink on it, or falling off the fourth floor. Such mistakes happen. But most accidents do not happen in an impressive way. Laptops often fail because of a combination of small errors, some of which may have no effect at first.

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