Details about OS X Mavericks that we did not notice at first


As Apple is lately rumored, the new OS will include about 200 new features. We in the presentation watched the most important ones, but those who experienced our beta release reveal some details that have not been said.

OS X Mavericks is expected to be released in the fall, and then we can see all of its new features, but it's worth giving some space to an article published in Mac World and illuminating some of the darkness of the presentation, revealing details of the new functional beta testers have discovered.

  • Finder Full Screen: With OS X Mavericks, you can see the full-screen Finder windows, a feature that's easier with the new tabbed browsing (inherited from Safari) and is already known to users who have alternatively installed file manager, such as the excellent Path Finder.
  • Window Coupling: If you are opening a disproportionately large number of windows on your hurry, you can merge all of these with a simple command inside a window (summarizing one window for each tab and all together inside a Finder window) .
  • Full screen windows: just like the Finder, so you can preselect the open window settings in full screen automatically.
  • Drag & Drop: you can transfer files directly from one tab to another (the actions that will be supported will probably be the classic ones of copying, pasting, trimming, creating shortcuts, etc.).
  • Tag old files: Select the labels you want to set in specific groups of files or folders, and you can even apply them to older files in a very simple way.
  • Advanced features for multi-screen systems: With OS X Mavericks, on multi-screen systems, you can move windows to any screen you want and more. You can specify the document and menu bar for each screen, as if there is a special Mac function.
  • Swapping data between applications in full screen: using full-screen applications in multi-screen settings, you can think that everyone is like working in lean areas and vice versa ... it's possible, for example, to transfer an open photo from the iPhone to the first screen directly through a Keynote presentation that we work on the second screen.
  • Mission Control and full screen applications: With Mountain Lion, Apple has only given us a slight taste of Mission Control's capabilities. But now, with OS X Mavericks, it extends its capabilities, allowing instant management of current applications on every screen in full screen mode.
  • iCloud Key Chain: the WWDC 2013 scene revealed the new management of codes and sensitive personal data related to credit cards, bank accounts, etc., for which iCloud is responsible and distributed to all "Authorized Your i-Gadgets.
  • Reader: It is completely redesigned and with a new reading list function, which allows you to "browse" articles on multiple pages in a continuous manner.
  • Read more books at once: you have multiple screens and plenty of iBooks available so you can read more, having a book open to every screen.
  • The Calendar !: Apple has made for Mac the calendar we never imagined it will make. He thought and did differently and he was impressed.
  • Integration with social networks and online sharing services: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and Flickr.

All we have to do is wait for us to see these changes and many more that have not yet been made public.


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