Detect Anti-Spyware Anti-Spyware from Amnesty International

Detekt: A tool for journalists and human rights activists who want their computers to be safe from known spyware tracking was released by Amnesty International in cooperation with technology and human rights organizations.


According to Amnesty International, the Detekt is the first tool to make available to the public, which identifies "labeled" spyware on computers, some of which are used by government agencies.

"Governments are increasingly using risky and sophisticated technology that allows them to read private email activists and journalists and remotely activate the camera or microphone of the computer to secretly record their activities. They are using technology in a cowardly attempt to avoid criticism of their possible disclosure, "says Marc Mansynski, an Amnesty International executive.

"Detekt is a simple tool that will inform activists of such invasions so they can take action. It is a counter-attack against governments that use information obtained through monitoring to arrest arbitrarily, illegally arrest and even torture human rights defenders and journalists, "he adds.

Detekt was developed by Claude Guarneri and was launched by Amnesty International in collaboration with Digitale Gesellschaft, Electronic Frontier Foundation and Privacy International.

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