Google has everyone in the new .dev domain

Google's .dev domain is now open to anyone looking to register and buy a domain name with this extension.


It's been two weeks since Google announced the new domain domain from Google, and the company put it on the market, predicting that .dev will be combined as a developer and technology niche. Maybe a domain for tools, programming languages, blogs, and more.

To claim a .dev domain, all you need to do is sign up for a registrar of your choice. And Google itself, of course, is an option, since it also sells that domain.

As a bonus, Google offers a .dev domain for free to anyone who applied for a ticket at the Google I / O event to be held this May. No, do not run requests. The recordings they have closed.

.Dev domains will be secure by default as everyone will need HTTPS, and Google has already transferred many of its own sites (including, and to the new domain.

The internet as far as the issue of dmains is concerned has gone a long way since the days of .com, .org and .net. Now you can get sectors that end in .cool or .ninja or .guru etc. The variety of all these dmains can give beginners a better idea of ​​what your site is. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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