A usb size device detects HIV within 30 minutes

Scientists from Imperial College London and DNA Electronics based in London have created a device in the size of a usb that can detect HIV in less than 30 minutes.


This is the fastest, smallest and easiest way of detecting it so far HIV and even with high-precision results. At recent researches have been tested 991 blood samples with 95 percent accuracy, making about 21 minutes to produce a result.

Patients will be able to place a drop of blood at a point on the USB stick, similar to the way they are used in diabetics to read their blood sugar levels. If HIV is detected in the device's sensitive plate, then a change in acidity is induced, which translates into an electrical signal on the chip which in turn is transmitted from the USB drive to the computer.

Hitherto detection of the virus requires costly and complex laboratory equipment and it takes a couple of days to get the result. Scientists have succeeded in shrinking this equipment that has the size of a large photocopier machine, just a few centimeters, just like a usb stick.

Although its final price is low, it will actually help the inhabitants of underdeveloped countries that are literally plagued by the disease.

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