End-to-end quantum secure technology from IBM

IBM present the new technology IBM Quantum Safe on annual think conference in her Orlando florida, the previous week.

That's it for a comprehensive set of tools and capabilities combined with IBM's deep domain expertise security, designed as a complete solution που they can to organizations use, including governmental ones services, as are prepared for the transition at safe post-quantum time.



Quantum technology is evolving rapidly. Soon, quantum systems will be able to resolve problems που not had resolved previously and to contribute to business and the science, but this progress involves same to you safety hazards. As quantum computers continue to develop, they will reach the point where they can violate the more widely used security protocols in the world.

Recognizing him risk, IBM leveraged its extensive expertise in cryptography, their quantum computers and The critical infrastructure for to develop the technology IBM Quantum Safe.

She η suite has potential as a goal to help clients prepare for the post-quantum time, via:

  • IBM Quantum Safe Explore: allows in team to scan the source and objective code for to locate cryptographic elements, dependencies and vulnerabilities and to create One list cryptographic material (CBOM). This allows teams to they see and to collect their potential risks centrally.
  • IBM Quantum Safe Advisor:allows a dynamic ή operational projection of the cryptographic stock, facilitating the recovery, the analysis of the situation and of compliance of encryption and the prioritization of risks.
  • IBM Quantum Safe Remediator:they can to develop and yes try recovery standards with base The quantum security best practices to understand the potential impact on systems and assets data, as they prepare to develop quantum security solutions.

IBM he's got same to you start the map course IBM Quantum Safe to help customers to understand and to support the better safety during this transition. It's about it first plan of IBM mapping technology milestones to more and more sophisticated technologies quantum security, designed to help the organizations to encounter the expected cryptographic standards and requirements through cryptography flexibility, protecting alongside the systems their from emerging vulnerabilities.

Αconsists of three main actions:

  1. Discovery: Determination cryptographic applications, dependency analysis and creation directory cryptographic materials (CBOM).
  2. Observation: Analysis of the encryption status of vulnerabilities and prioritization of remediation depending with the risk.
  3. Transformation: Restoration and mitigation with embedded cryptographic flexibility and automation.

Ο Ray Harishankar, IBM Fellow and head of technology IBM Quantum Safe, said: “As a leader in quantum computing, IBM recognizes the importance of comprehensively addressing the critical needs of customers our for the conversion of cryptography in quantum time. " Η our news technological suite quantum security and the milestones that are described on the road map have a designed for its continuous development post-quantum security together with the useful quantum information technology and include solutions που assist the industry to navigate efficiently and easily in this transition."

Last year, the government of USA issued new requirements and guidelines requiring by federal agencies to begin the transition to quantum security. The National Institute of Standards and Technology of the United States (NIST) selected four quantum-resistant algorithms for standardization, three of which were developed by IBM with academics and industrial partners.

Then the National Security Agency (NSA) announced new requirements for national surveillance systems security to switch to algorithms where is safe against of of quantum algorithms by 2025, and the White House issued requirement for federal agencies to submit a relevant with the cryptography, potentially vulnerable to quantum computers he said the requirement to submit list of cryptographic systems.

Ο Patrick Moorhead, directors advisor and founder of Moor Insights & Strategy, said: "As η time of quantum information technology catching up fast and is done reality, is imperative need to develop safe quantum technologies for the protection of today traditional systems and data. To them pillars, I believe IBM excels. And now, by creating one map course for quantum security που will lead industry and emerging technologies in simplifying the transition, I look forward to seeing it course of quantum security to evolves on a global level".

The Quantum Roadmap and Technology Safety of IBM will highlight the existing cryptographic landscape to organizations, giving their the ability to begin to manage the changes that may be required to thrive in post-quantum time.

For more information on IBM Quantum Safe technology visit: https://www.ibm.com/quantum/quantum-safe.

IBM's international announcement: https://newsroom.ibm.com/2023-05-10-IBM-Unveils-End-to-End-Quantum-Safe-Technology-to-Safeguard-Governments-and-Businesses-Most-Valuable-Data


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