Die With Me: chat application or social experiment?

Die With Me: It has happened to you many times. Is your smartphone ready to turn off due to battery? Most of us will be careful not to use their device, saving 2% (battery life) until they can re-connect their phone.

Is normal.Die with me

However, a new application could make you change this rational behavior. Die With Me is available only when you have less than 5% of your battery life. This means you have something directly in common with everyone else.

The Die with me is a chat application that offers a simple way to talk with completely anonymous. All you need to do is create a pseudonym and you're ready. However, to connect to the network your phone should have less than 5 percent battery life.

This puts each of those involved in the chat on the same boat, since the "expiration date" is close. When the device turns off, you disappear from the chat room.

As the new application seems to bet on the strange sense of discussion with random strangers.

Die With Me is the brain child of Dries Depoorter and David Surprenant. They presented the idea for implementing 2016, before trying it out on a small scale at 2017 International Documentary Festival. As of today, Die With Me is available to anyone using Android and iOS devices.

Depoorter originally wanted to create a dating application using the low-battery barrier to enter, but eventually set up a conversation application. Of course, it is not meant to compete with WhatsApp or Messenger, but it allows users to share their last moments before they are disconnected.

Die With Me can be from a simple conversation application to a social experiment, depending on how you think it.

So because you may need more stress in your life, you may want to try it…

Android and  iOS.

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