2.28 million users from a dating site leaked

A well-known hacker leaked details this week of 2,28 million registered users of MeetMindful.com, a dating site founded in 2014.

The dating site data was released for free download to a publicly accessible forum known for trading compromised databases.

The leaked data, a 1,2 GB file, appears to be a dump of the site database.

The contents of this file contain a large amount of information provided by users when creating a profile on the MeetMindful site.

Some of the most sensitive data in the file include:

Real names
Email addresses
City, state and postal code details
Body description
Dating preferences
Marital status
Dates of birth
Latitude and longitude
IP addresses
Codes ς λογαριασμών Bcrypt-hashed
Facebook user IDs
Facebook authentication badges

The messages exchanged by the users do not exist in the leaked file.

Although not all leaked accounts are included, the data provided can be used to identify the true identities of the site users.

Meanwhile, the forum thread where MeetMindful data was leaked has been viewed more than 1.500 times and has probably been downloaded by too many users.

The data is still available for download on the public file hosting site where it was originally uploaded.

Leakage of this highly sensitive data is a huge problem for site users, and MeetMindful should alert its users.

By Catalin Cimpanu of ZDNet

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