"Digital heirs" on Facebook

Facebook: Representative of the late, will manage the dead profile


At last, the Facebook allows its users to decide for themselves what will happen to their profile after they die.

The ability to define a "digital heir," which manages the late-stage profile, is available from Thursday in the US, with the prospect of later expanding to other countries.

To this day, the Facebook just froze the profiles of dead users, often causing the anger of their relatives, who had no possibility of interference.

This is changing now. In Facebook security settings, the user can either set a digital inheritor or choose to completely delete the profile after his death.

Digital life and digital death

As an inheritor, or "legacy contact" as Facebok calls it, only one other social network user can be defined.

However, if the user does not activate this feature but sets a digital heir with a regular, lawful will, Facebok will respect his or her desire.

However, there are limitations on the interventions the digital heir can do in the profile. It has the ability to change profile photos, respond to new friendship requests, but not to interfere with the late, hang up photos, or delete the profile.

Google became 2013 the first major Internet company to set digital heirs for user accounts in Gmail, Google Drive, and other services.

According to Facebok, the new feature allows relatives of the deceased to convert their profile into virtual memory spaces.

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