Judicial "no" to blocking torrents in Greece

The Greek court has rejected the application for interim measures submitted by AEPI (Greek Society for the Protection of Intellectual Property), requiring providers to block access to torrent files.
Pirates-6 torrent
According to the court decision as it publishes it void.gr, the court held that AEPI's request violates the principle of proportionality, which is an excessive measure. In addition, the measures requested by AEPI would be "suppressed not only by unlawful but also by lawful acts", since torrent technology allows the exchange not only pirated films and music, as well as legitimate records. The requested measures were thus held to violate the freedom of information, the right to participate in the information society and the confidentiality of communication. Even the court notes that the requested measures do not meet the 'suitability criterion' because they would simply not be effective: the services torrent sites which existed in AEPI's black list, such as the popular Pirate Bay, now operate on different Internet addresses (IPs) and will remain accessible to users.

Furthermore, AEPI's request has been found to violate the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. In particular, it violates the right of providers to entrepreneurship, as well as the principle of online neutrality, which provides that all information must be non-discriminatory.

The court, lastly, commented that infringed copyright "is less and less relevant to the creators themselves and more to the interests of the companies of the cultural industry themselves"

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