DirectX 12 Ultimate for next generation gamers

Microsoft's DirectX development team yesterday introduced DirectX 12 Ultimate and described it as the "best graphics technology" it has ever introduced. The company announced the oldest DirectX 12 the 2014.

Microsoft's upcoming Xbox X series will support the new DirectX 12 Ultimate. On PCs, it is necessary to run Windows 10 in the (upcoming) 2004 version, from May 2020 or later, to use the new application.

DirectX 12 Ultimate

Devices with the DirectX 12 Ultimate logo will also support "all next-generation graphics hardware features" such as "DirectX Raytracing, Variable Rate Shading, Mesh Shaders and Sampler Feedback."

"Microsoft wants the DirectX 12 Ultimate logo to be a criterion for PC gamers, providing reassurance that their hardware supports all the features of next-generation games."

Current hardware may not support all features of DirectX 12 Ultimate, but it will not affect compatibility with Microsoft. Microsoft has confirmed in its announcement that existing hardware can be used to run next-generation games that use the capabilities of DirectX 12 Ultimate.

Players may not see all the visual benefits of the new DirectX 12 Ultimate in this case, but games will work normally on non-DirectX 12 Ultimate hardware, according to Microsoft.

DirectX 12 Ultimate seems to integrate the graphics platform into PC and Xbox Series X and offers many advantages according to the company.

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