Twice vaccinated and sprayed?

This is the characterization of the era. Those who have the opposite view from that of the mainstream media, or to put it bluntly, with the government, are sprayed.
Before I start and before I am described as being sprayed by those of the opposite opinion, let me mention that I have been vaccinated twice and I am going for the third. This is because I consider the responsibility I have towards others, no one is Robinson Crusoe.

However, I can not close my eyes and ears to everything that is happening around us. Censorship has now taken to other levels. Personal freedoms and the choice of what I can and want to do with my body have become secondary, and in fact with a scientifically (scientifically) contradictory.why

The news that states how many unvaccinated people have died (Mother and son unvaccinated died from Covid with a difference of a few days) has become daily, while others consistently present the sewage content.

We now know exactly every symptom of coronavirus COVID 19 and in fact we look with suspicion at anyone who dares to cough.

Melodramatic advice and encouragement from victims of the virus give and take, with incredible arades and repetitions. Faces change, but the meaning is the same: "run to get vaccinated" and a few words.

Here I have to add his quote Henry Fielding A newspaper consists of the same number of words whether there is news or not.

In order not to be considered a substitute, let me remind you that this specific example update is not just a domestic product. Media world titles look amazing in a way, only some are more discreet.

In Greece, however, we are a little more athyrostomic, and we use more easily adjectives such as sprayed, sprayed, sprayed for anything that claims something different from the voice of the media that now have the role of submitter.

The criticism, even if we are talking about a percentage of vaccinated people that is close to 60%, we could define it as the criticism of the majority, it accuses aggressively and oil comes out. Let someone from the minority dare to raise his head.

Try to find the opposite view in the rave reviews of today's media, so that they can claim to practice good old-fashioned journalism. In the years 2021 we no longer need to keep up appearances either. After all, the motivation is now clear, no moral value while omnipotence exists only in cash. From the collectors' point of view and from the government side, let's put it differently in the words of Bill Clinton: Never quarrel with people who buy ink in bulk.

Let me close with a crisis question: Has no one really died vaccinated?

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