Disable Skype Ads (2)

In previous publication we presented a tweak that allowed you to get rid of the ads displayed by Skype.Skype

But since then, Skype has been updated and of course the ads have returned. Let's see what we can do:

To disable ads, follow these steps:

From the Windows Control Panel (Right-click in the lower left corner, yes under the start menu and select Control Panel or Control Panel).

Note: The system we use is in English, and the names will be different. But the pictures will show you the exact route.

In Control Panel, go to Internet Options.

On the Security tab, click the "Restricted sites" icon and click the Sites button:
The "Controlled Sites" dialog tab will appear on the screen.
Type the following in the text box, and then click the Add button:


Close Internet Options and restart Skype.


You're done.

But there is a malfunction with that tweak. The app homepage will not appear as it was.
However, this is not a big issue, since this page does not provide any particularly useful feature. All other features of the app will work flawlessly.

Now, instead of ads, Skype will show gaps in the place where the ads were.

skyp empty

To get rid of the gaps in the ad, do the following.

Close Skype.
Open your Skype profile folder. To do so easily, press the two keys together Win + R and type the following in the Run box to open:

% appdata% \ skype

Find the folder with your profile ID.
Inside this folder, you will find a file called config.xml. Open it with Notepad ++ and look for the text:

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Change the value from 1 to 0. Save .xml and you're done!

Note that when Skype is updated, this file can be replaced and you may need to repeat the process.

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