Disney: perfect digital teeth and medieval torture

Disney: Creating the perfect digital tooth requires something that resembles a medieval torture device. Graphics in video games and movies have become very realistic, and the methods used are becoming more and more complex.

Below we will see what Disney researchers do in their quest to create the perfect digital teeth.Disney

"The ideal appearance of the teeth depends on the social and cultural context of the subject, as well as his age," say Disney researchers in a paper entitled Appearance Capture and Modeling of Human Dental.

"We present a system specifically designed to capture the visual properties of human teeth so that they can be reproduced realistically in computer graphics."

To record how the teeth and the oral cavity are seen, Disney researchers needed volunteers who needed to remain stationary as they shattered 54 on their faces with different lights while a camera was constantly shooting pictures.

"To do this, we have a stabilizing neck brace, a headband and a rigid object to bite, which also helps to separate the upper and lower jaws," the paper said.

"To minimize facial blockages, we retract the lips and cheeks using an OptraGate lip retractor."

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The visual result of this tool, so stylishly described in the scientific language, seems to have come out of a horror movie.

However, as soon as the researchers manage to get their data, they pass through a complex set of mathematical equations to match their digital patterns to the actual teeth of the volunteer. Once this process is complete, the processing and integration of digital chompers into movies and video games can begin.


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