Disqus Why we stopped using the service

Analyst and Big Data, Zeta Global announced last night that he acquired the Disqus annotation platform.

The Disqus service is well known to webmasters as it provides a handy tool for guest comments. This is a system that administrators can integrate into their pages. Disqus offers analysis, monetization and other services beyond the feedback system.Disqus

The data is stored on Disqus servers and the company has been criticized several times for its users' monitoring activities. The company suffered two major security breaches, one in 2013 and one in the US October of 2017, that one managed to acquire a part of the database containing 17,5 million user email addresses, login dates, and registration dates according to Disqus.

Of course Disquis says in the takeover announcement that it will not change anything for users or publishers using the service.

However, the famous commenting company is becoming a Zeta Global business unit, and the data it holds and gathers every minute is very important for a giant like ZG.


Thus, there are several reasons for stopping using the service. One of the biggest concerns is what will happen to user data stored on third-party servers. This time, however, it is not only Disqus who can exploit the data, but also a larger company specializing in the collection and analysis of Big Data.

So lack of control is another important reason to start storing our data locally.

It is clear that Zeta Global is interested in the data accumulated by Disqus in recent years and continues to accumulate.

The press release states that 7% of the top 1000 sites use the Disqus service.

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