DistroWatch What is the rising star?

The Friends of Linux website, DistroWatch maintains a page with all major distributions. The page contains summaries and a history for each of ten major projects.

These projects are either very popular or very important for historical purposes.

Last week, administrators thought to look at the information on this page again, and found that the once popular Mageia distribution seemed to have fallen into the likes of Linux friends.DistroWatch

So they thought of replacing Mageia's distribution on the big distribution page with another project. Of course, the distribution of Mageia's functional position should also be popular and gained public trust, with its credibility in updates as well as regular upgrades in the heap and in application packages.

After all the above, the administrators asked the public of the site to choose which distribution could take the place of the functional Mageia.

Below you can see the results of the poll:

DistroWatch Which new distro should be listed as a major project?

Manjaro: 1097 (20%)
MX Linux:   1572 (29%)
elementary: 563 (10%)
Solus: 658 (12%)
Kali Linux: 103 (2%)
Other: 348 (6%)
Mageia: 1112 (20%)

As you can see, the distribution that iGuRu.gr supports and suggests is in the top position of Linux friends' preferences, surpassing the distribution Manjaro, which has recently been in the lead Page Hit Ranking.

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