DJI Goggles controls the camera with the drone with your head

Almost a year after her experimentation, DJI also released DJI Goggles, a pair of VR-glasses that let you control the drone's camera with your head.

DJI goggles

DJI also officially released a VR-Headset that calls it DJI goggles and that portrays the drone's camera with 1080p video quality in each eye, which as they claim is tantamount to looking at an 216 inch home theater screen from 3 meters away.

These glasses not only allow you to see what the remote-controlled drone camera is, but they have also turned your head as a drone camera's drive, derailment and inclination control. The combined experience, according to DJI, is incredibly exciting.

Glasses also allow you to control the focus of the camera, take pictures or start and stop recording.

The DJI Goggles glasses will cost you $ 450 and the company will begin shipping the product from 20 May.

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Watch the video below:

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