DLC Boot: the direct descendant of Hiren's BootCD

In 2011 from Vietnam an attempt called “Hiren΄s BootCD rebuilt by DLC” is presented and as the creator writes:

“after spending a lot of time rebuilding Hiren's BootCD, I found that it has many parts that are not well optimized. So I refactored a lot of things to improve compatibility, adaptability, ease of use, etc.”


His latest creation is DLCBoot 2022 V4.1.220629 and the difference from all tools in its category (such as Strelec) is that it maintains the philosophy of using Hiren's Boot DVD (a project that reached version 16.2) operating as portable utilities that runs from within the Windows environment without having to load a PE version of Windows.


Just like Hiren's BootCD/DVD has a Launcher app which loads the apps menu (from Hirens csv is now xml)

Each click on an application name launches a cmd containing commands to unzip via 7z and run the unzipped executables (exe).

The official website:


BEWARE of two things:

1) regarding its execution through Windows, an attempt was made to monitor it via process monitor for any strange actions/records on disk/connections and scan it with Windows Defender (Windows 11) with positive scan results and the PassShow.exe "low" designation .

In addition, Launcher.exe, syslogd.exe and sample exe were scanned with TotalAV online scanner and were presented as Malicius with a general description of trojans from unknown "antiviruses" without their definition appearing in known antiviruses such as Avira, Norton, Kaspersky , McAfee etc.

Also, in order to run its programs, a cmd call is made with 7z.exe usage commands and decompression in the Windows temp folder, so there is no way for anything to "escape" from Defender.

2) The bootable tool in question is featured, not recommended. The differentiation is essential, a tool is presented without prompting its use.

Information: DLC Boot 2022 4.1 Build 220629
File name: DLCBoot2022V4.1.220629.rar
File size: 4,86GB
MD5: 8FD53321B424E6EF7DCD98E21E369722

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