DMCA because the VLC app is streaming the Pluto TV service

The Motion Picture Association (MPA) issued a DMCA notice to a GitHub repository that contained a playlist that allowed viewers to stream Pluto TV services in their common applications such as VLC, MPV and Tvheadend. From a report:

The move was first noticed by TorrentFreak and GitHub complied and removed the repo, which didn't help. VLC, Pluto TV

If you still have a tiny text file, you can do exactly what MPA tried to stop.

Pluto TV, for those who don't follow it, is a service owned by Paramount that allows users to legally stream movies and TV shows for free to multiple devices.

They have a mobile app, apps for Xbox and PlayStation, smart TVs and dongles.

Users don't even need to register to use it. In turn, Pluto TV's business model is based on serving ads and tracking user behavior. It is part of a newer generation of streaming products called free ad-supported television, or FAST from free ad-supported television.

The GitHub repository contained M3U playlists for watching Pluto TV content through an app like VLC. T

the repo basically contained links that were already available and gathered them in one place. It should be noted that M3U files are not torrent files, but simply playlist files that can point to local files and web sources. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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VLC, Pluto TV

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