Dmoz: End Fees for the Largest Directory Listing site

Dmoz, one of the longest-running directories on the Internet will close on 14 March 2017. Directory Listings played a huge role in the early days of the Internet, especially if it was done by companies or online volunteers.Dmoz

These directories were needed because initially the search engines were not as effective as they are today. For example, Dmoz existed before Google. At the same time, Netscape had as its main adversary the Internet Explorer browser. Let's mention that since then, there's Opera.

So in the "stone age" of the internet they used directories to find interesting websites, and they considered it much better than using a search engine.

Webmasters of course used (and used) the directories as a way of promoting their web pages. Of course, there was a lot of abuse of the service, especially when the automated directories were launched, showing any website without any human control.

Famous directories were Dmoz or Yahoo Directory.

Links in these directories could guarantee not only a steady stream of visitors to the site but also a very powerful backlink that added more credibility to the site in search engines.

The announcement published by Dmoz does not mention the reasons for terminating the service.

Dmoz belongs to AOL, and the decision to close the site should have come from AOL.
The site as mentioned above at the beginning of the publication will stop running on 14 March 2017.

Let's say that from 14 onwards in March, the metaplast NOODP will no longer be needed, as it was needed to prevent search engines from using the site description of Dmoz in the search results.

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