DNSTake: DNS deficit check tool that leads to subdomain retrieval

DNS takeover vulnerabilities occur when a subdomain (subdomain.example.com) or the page itself has designated a provider as a valid nameserver (eg AWS Route 53, Akamai, Microsoft Azure, etc.). ) but the hosted zone has been removed or deleted completely.

Consequently, on making a request for DNS records, the server responds with SERVFAIL. This allows a hacker to create a hosted zone that is missing from the service used and thus control all DNS records for that (sub)domain.

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1) The simplest method is to unzip the file to download from here and then run it.

2) There is also the manual method that we install from the source:

▶ go install github.com/pwnesia//cmd/dnstake@latest


▶ git clone https://github.com/pwnesia/dnstake ▶ cd dnstake / cmd / dnstake ▶ go build. ▶ (sudo) mv dnstake / usr / local / bin


        Set the concurrency level (default: 25) -s, --silent Suppress errors and/or clean output -h, --help                   its help

  dnstake -t (sub.)domain.tld
  dnstake -t hosts.txt
  cat hosts.txt | dnstake
   -silent -d domain.tld | dnstake

You can download the program from here.

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Written by Anastasis Vasileiadis

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