Document Foundation: The answer to the publication

In the morning we mentioned that The Foundation that develops LibreOffice, has the completely free suite in the Microsoft Store for 2,99 euros.

We also mentioned that the publisher name is not “The ”But a developer called“ .net ”.The Document Foundation

Since the morning we found this case somewhat strange, as there was no relevant announcement from the TDF. So we mentioned that you should avoid downloading this version from the Store, or if you do, at least don't pay for it. LibreOffice is a completely free suite and you can always download it from the official website without spending a single euro.

But a little while ago we received an email from him Italo Vignoli of The Document Foundation. The email clarifies:

The Document Foundation has been updated for an unofficial version of LibreOffice in the Microsoft Store. We are investigating it further, but I want to be clear: the release is not an official version developed by The Document Foundation, so the application page is misleading. The only source of the software (which can be downloaded free of charge at no cost to the end user) is the LibreOffice site:
Also, the money from the Microsoft Store release does not go to The Document Foundation.

You can also see the email in English:

Document Foundation

So beware of fraudsters who try to gain from other people's efforts. The Store app has nothing to do with it of the Document Foundation.
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