We tested the Mullvad browser

Mullvad and the Tor Project have teamed up to offer the Mullvad browser for free which ensures your privacy and anonymity.


The Mullvad browser is a new, open-source, Firefox-based browser that promises no data collection and provides user-centric browsing services. It puts your privacy first, ensuring that your online activity remains private and secure.

An organization, the Tor project, and a commercial company, Mullvad VPN, joined forces for the creation of this Browser. Let's look at its potential and its flaws.

It runs on Windows 64bit, Linux, macOS and as a Firefox extension, and you can download and install it for free from here. He also speaks Greek.

What is Mullvad Browser?

Mullvad Browser aims to protect your traces online and ensure that your identity and browsing data remain yours. It is the product of a collaboration between the commercial company Mullvad VPN and the Tor Project organization (makers of the Tor network).

In other words, it's a browser based on Firefox, like Tor, that doesn't work through the Tor network, but through the www, without offering a VPN for free. Instead, it prompts you for greater security to pay and connect to Mullvad VPN.

mulvad 3

Somewhere in there it gets stuck that a commercial company can be combined with a non-profit organization.

However, the browser is open source and free, and its main concern is to provide another alternative, apart from the Tor network, to ensure privacy while browsing the web.

How does Mullvad Browser work?

Mullvad browser helps you hide your personal data and online activity by hiding your metadata.

It also gives all users a similar digital footprint by hiding clues like screen resolution, WebGL, common APIs, and font restrictions. You can learn more about these protection measures at Mullvad website .

These features work together to prevent websites from identifying or tracking you and your activities.

Mullvad also limits third-party trackers and cookies, while incorporating some vital plugins (like uBlock Origin to block ads) to further reduce your digital footprint.

However, we repeat it does not provide you with a free VPN to keep your anonymity high. For this you will have to pay.

Installing Mullvad

Installing Mullvad on Windows 10 Pro was, at least in version 12.0.4, a disappointment.

The installation program started normally, and as the first setting we selected the Greek language.

mulvad install 1

But by default it asked to be installed to the disk location corresponding to the user's desktop.

mulvad install 2

Seeing this route, we changed it and told him, what else?. To be installed in the Program Files of the C drive.

The installation finished normally with the prompt to create the corresponding shortcuts and run the program.

mulvad install 3

Of course they said yes, and we waited to see the program for the first time. Don't we say the first impression is the most critical because the mind immediately forms an opinion if it likes something or not?

So here's what we saw:

mulvad error

A strange error that no matter how much we looked for it, we couldn't get the program to open normally with anything.

The choice was to uninstall it and reinstall it allowing it to go where it wants.

Um, no! Mullvad had not updated the list of installed Windows 10 programs. It did not have a single unistall exe file in its folder. We had to manually delete the entire folder, all the shortcuts one by one, and then go into the Windows registry and delete any entry with the word Mullvad.

In the new installation with the default options it worked fine, except that now on our desktop, in addition to the shortcut, we also had the program folder!!

But even so, it continued to not update the list of installed Windows programs, so again uninstalling is a hassle regardless what the company says for this.

Security and internet

The security of your personal information is paramount, especially when you are often online. That's why browsers that focus on it are essential. You don't want companies bidding to buy your data for business purposes. Therefore, preventing your data from being unsolicited and sold is vital.

Or to put it another way. You want companies to finally stop buying your data because no one will be able to collect it. And what he collects will be of minor importance.

Furthermore, it is not ideal for only a few big tech brands to dominate the market. So it is legitimate for healthy competition to break the monopoly of the big browsers (see Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc). These and more make smaller browsers like Brave, Mullvad, Opera etc. worth a try.

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