Domains of the Greek State that have free certificates

The Independent Public Revenue Authority announced last week the replacement of our well-known Taxisnet by the new myAADE platform.

The new site myAADE, according to AADE, which owns the page, is a platform with a new friendly digital environment for serving the public.

So today I visited the page as a good citizen to be informed about my debts (yes it happens to the best families).lets encrypt

With the perversion of the "profession" that occupies me, I decided to take a look at the security certificates used by the Greek State.

I was glad to find out that her site myAADE platform does not use a free certificate from Lets Encrypt.

screenshot 2021 09 19 18 42 46

But what happens to the majority of sites?

screenshot 2021 09 19 19 10 53
Too many sites in the Greek government domain use free certs. See the list:

cert domains

The above list proves that Greece (like is looking for cheap security solutions. However, we do not store the personal data of Greece and we use a Wildcard certificate of Lets Encrypt only for the logins of the authors.

Fortunately for the taxis login there is a paid security certificate

screenshot 2021 09 19 19 16 26

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