Dona Sarkar Leaves the Insiders: Microsoft Betting

Dona Sarkar Says Goodbye to Insiders: The Windows Insider community seems to play an important role in the development momentum of Windows . Still others believe exactly the opposite.

Most of you know Dona Sarkar, and if you didn't know she was the head of (#NinjaCat) Windows Insider. She was the program manager and tireless about the community and her important role.

Dona Sarkar
Dona Sarkar photographed on the Campus in Redmond, Wash., Tuesday, September 17, 2019. (Photo by Dan DeLong)

Under Dona's leadership, Windows Insider was developed and expanded in many cities around the world. Dona's passion has helped Microsoft spread the idea of ​​Insiders, but just like that it looks the company is preparing changes.

Η Dona θα αποκτήσει ένα νέο ρόλο στην εταιρεία. Θα συμμετάσχει στην διαχείριση της ομάδας Microsoft Developer Relations, για Citizen Developers στην χρήση των Power  (Microsoft Flow, PowerApps and Power BI).

At the moment we don't know who will be in charge of Windows Insider, but I bet he's not cute like Dona Sarkar to do public relations.

Microsoft's bet right now is to regain the public's trust, after the endless problems that appeared in the development of Windows 10. Does it seem to you that the number of bugs in Windows 10 updates has increased in the last two years? If so, do you know why? This question answers a recent one the former Microsoft employee ( SDET) Jerry Berg aka Barnacles.

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The Dona Sarkar season is finally over, and its goal seems to have ended. The Windows Insider program is now famous, after dozens of events and tours in several capitals around the world. Let us now deal a little with credibility. This is something that is missing from the Microsoft operating system.

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