Donald Trump ban on End-to-End encryption

Following the ban and the final lifting of Huawei's blockade, United States President Donald Trump plans to go ahead with a ban on end-to-end encryption.

In accordance with Political, senior White House officials met this week to discuss the first steps the Trump government could do.

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Politico says, referring to three people who know the issue, that two key service officials have discussed a possible blockade of end-to-end encryption.

Of course we have long heard that end-to-end encryption is less sympathetic to the White House, especially to the secret services. The scenarios and "solutions" published from time to time report an encryption software that will give access to a select few, but there have been too many reactions from private IT, and large technology companies.

But protests are "heard" inside the Donald Trump administration, after the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), for example, is trying to separate its position, recognizing the security implications that could result in a ban on end-to-end encryption.

On the other hand, the creation of an anti-encryption bill is described as a very decisive step in the efforts of the United States intelligence services, because they will be able to access devices and data belonging to criminals and terrorists.

Encryption, used by the majority of US companies in their products (see Apple and Google), prevents authorities from accessing suspects' data. Technology companies are now using (after Snowden's revelations) end-to-end encryption as a key feature of privacy.

Many of these companies have warned that any regulation against encryption could even affect national security.

Apple, in particular, refused to unlock an iPhone used by the San Bernardino terrorist, explaining that breaking the device would compromise the safety of all company customers.

The FBI eventually managed to unlock the device using software that was developed by a third party.

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