Ninja Spinki Challenges new game by the developer of Flappy Bird

Ninja Spinki Challenges: Dong Nguyen became known as Flappy Bird an incredibly addictive mobile game that made headlines years ago. After the success of the first game, Nguyen struck again with a new game that promises the same addictive result.

The Ninja Spinki Challenges are much more polished than the Flappy Bird, a game released by 2014.

The new game is in fact a collection of six different games, which are available on both platforms Android and iOS. All six are developed with the same type that Flappy Bird made so addictive: irregular control to avoid obstacles.Ninja Spinki Challenges

However, Nguyen added a new element that seems to be the main theme of all six games:

Playing Ninja Spinki Challenges, you need to complete a series of challenges during a supposed training.
Once you complete a challenge, it unlocks the "endless mode".

During the endless mode, you can play as long as you want, provided you can protect yourself from jumping cats and a cannon that sets fire. Obviously, the longer you get, the higher your rating will be.

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The start of the game is easy, so you can have a sense of controlling the game, but it gets harder as you go.

It is worth noting that while the game is available for free, it has advertisements but is smartly positioned. So if you fail with a challenge, you can choose to continue from where the timer stopped by watching an 15 or 30 second ad.

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