DoNotSpy10 protect your privacy in Windows 10

DoNotSpy10 is a well-known tool that protects your PC from Windows 10 telemetry. It has a very flexible interface which allows you to very easily manage how Windows 10 will respect your privacy.


Microsoft is known to have added a lot of diagnostics in Windows 10. These telemetry services help Microsoft collect operating system usage data and according to in this way it provides better service.

However and sharing your data with one of the world's leading technology companies puts your privacy at risk.

There are services that are able to record what you type on your keyboard, your speech and many other actions of every Windows user. Other services share your WiFi credentials with your contacts or connect you to shared by your contacts.

DoNotSpy10 lets you easily manage what you want to share and what not.

Although many of the you can make them using them of Windows and various other applications, there are also modifications that are not readily available through the applications provided by Windows.

DoNotSpy10 combines them all into one application. See all features:

Download the application

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