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The Greek book on the internet is not known to the general public. Check out six websites that specialize in this.


The truth is that as a people we do not have the reputation of ebook users. Especially the audiobook. Not that we do not read. Everything else in fact, but the Greek still prefers paper.

That's why we do not have developed digital libraries. However, if you are interested in either reading or listening, from a novel to a specialized technical book, check out the following six websites that will offer you endless hours of free entertainment.

On the other hand, if you are on vacation without a book in hand, join our guide to the best Greek sites with free books (ebooks), but also audiobooks, all in Greek, and bring the bookstore to your beach. After all, it will not cost you anything.

For the record, we also searched the internet to make this article, at first we kept a small basket. But we quickly found that things have changed dramatically. In addition to finding several websites with this type of content, we also found the ability to upload and distribute our own books for free or for a fee. Let's go see the websites.

1. eBooks4Greeks

ebooks4greeks ebook

It is one of the largest communities of free ebooks and audiobooks with a huge collection of titles, from novels to highly specialized books.

Whether you are a computer technician, a political analyst or a student, you will definitely find something that really interests you. It is one of the most valuable free digital libraries, with access to free books with great titles.

For those who are interested you will find titles of books that concern the learning of programming languages ​​in Greek.

Its range includes mainly classical literature, novels, and poems, technical engineering books. In addition, it has audiobooks and digital books on the arts, various programming languages, and computers.

2. Open Library

ebook anoikti vivliothiki

The Open Library is an extremely popular one with 11.000 ebooks and 1.500 audiobooks. It specializes more in the field of literature, poetry and essays and not so much in scientific books and programming.

Also, the Open Library provides you with instructions on how to make one (or more) of your own ebook, how to register it and get an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) number from the National Library, how to define the rights that you will provide and then "publish" it through the webs, or through Ebooks4greeks, Free-ebooks and Easywriter.

3. Free-Ebooks

free ebooks

It has a wide range of free ebooks, with a special emphasis on science books and children's books. We found only six textbooks with programming language titles.

At the site you can sell your used physical books, a service called metabook.

4. EasyWriter

EasyWriter provides an electronic , in which any author can upload his book, without censorship (no matter what he deals with), within the framework of the free circulation of ideas. Of course, if he wishes, he can make it available for a fee.

In paid editions, the author receives the largest percentage of the sale, minus a small commission for EasyWriter and PayPal transaction costs. EasyWriter, for its part, provides services such as cover creation, pagination, text editing, and promotions, at a reasonable cost.

As writers you can write a few words about yourself.

5 Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is an international site, with books from many languages ​​and Greek books. Founded in 1971, it has over 42.000 free books.

Its menu is not in Greek, and in general the part of their website that mentions the free Greek books is a bit weird because of the mix of Greek and English s. But it is readable and understandable. You will find books by Greek and foreign authors, and several translations of ancient Greek authors.

Of course, there are also works from classical modern Greek literature.

6. Winding

The Anemi Digital Library offers the internet user a rich collection of bibliographic information, digitized books and articles with emphasis on Modern Greek culture. It has 2.000.000 digitized pages of rare books and newer editions, the authors of which have allowed digitization and free distribution on the internet.

It was founded in 2006 by the library of the University of Crete, and we suggest you to use the electronic index "Antaios", to find what you want.

In addition to…
In addition to all the above you can take a look at other websites with free content such as The, Saita Publications, Taxiiola (specializing in textbooks). The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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