Free documentary from Netflix

Netflix has uploaded some of its best documentaries to YouTube. This means they are available for free to anyone who wants to see them, with or without a Netflix subscription.


With schools closed around the world due to COVID-19, Netflix has launched a selection of documentaries for children (and adults) to watch at home. The documentaries on offer are about our planet, and the narrator is English presenter David Attenborough.

The documentaries are all available at Netflix YouTube channel. There you will see a playlist that will make it easier for you to understand the theme. Everything is available in English. The videos have subtitles in 14 languages, but unfortunately not in Greek. To see the subtitles in Greek you will be satisfied with the automatic translation of Google, with what it means.

To watch Netflix documentaries on YouTube, just open the playlist and scroll down until you find what you want to watch. Some of the free documentaries are feature-length, while others are 20-minute episodes. In total, there are 34 videos.

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The story of presenter David Attenborough is excellent and at the same time fascinating. Even if you do not know English, his heavy voice will enrich the image and give a dramatic glamor to the majesty of nature.

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