Free real-time solar system simulation

At Solar System Simulator you can see in real time a free simulation of both our solar system and other solar systems throughout the universe.

solar system

There is a web application that allows you to see a real-time simulation of our Solar System. This is the Solar System Simulator and offers you the experience to see how various stellar elements revolve in space, mainly planets along with their natural satellites.

If you are a space lover and want to experience the changes in our solar system in real time and space you can try this free simulation. You can interact not only with the Earth, but also with other planets in our solar system, as well as with planetary elements and systems outside our solar system.

The site offers various options that can help you get ahead in the virtual representation of space. In the right pane, you can select from the list which item you want to explore. You can choose either a planet or our Solar System. If you choose the solar system, then you can experience the real-time simulation of the outside of our solar system. However, if you select someone from the planet from our solar system, then you will see the inner solar system in a visual simulation.

Apart from this, you can also select a separate planetary system from the left side. Just select the system you want to explore and set the date and time for the simulation to start in real time.

If you want to remove the annotations and orbits from the planets, you can make the selection right next to the left box, in a square box.

Try this site here.



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