Double Dog: New stupid application of courage inviting money

Double Dog is a new mobile app that aims to bet if a friend dares to dare to do a stupid act.


Η Double Dog, becoming fashionable, is an application for Android and iOS, and prompts you to bet money on who can do the craziest and stupid things. On the other hand, the spectators offer spectacle and mixed feelings from the pain of others.

To play, you must send or receive a courageous invitation. If you send an invitation then wait for the video to show that the action is complete and then you will have to pay the bet. If you are invited to courage and choose not to do so, you can send it back to the player who sent it to you but with a double bet amount.

The idea probably comes from childhood and from the game of courage or truth. The point is that this is another release of public ridicule of the players but motivated by money. Apparently some out there have "escaped" for good.

If you search the internet, you can find several videos from players that may be troublesome or entertained or distract you. It is up to you to approach the issue. The company has Facebook page with many of them but there are also scattered on Twitter, Youtube etc. Inside them you'll see people eat live worms, tattoo the dollar sign for $ 10 or touch their tongue on a rotating roof fan.

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On the other hand, if you are interested in joining, you can download the Double Dog for iOS ή Android in their respective application stores.

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