How do you downgrade an Android app

There are cases where the previous version of an Android app was performing better, and after an upgrade you would like to downgrade it.


Unfortunately, the Play Store does not allow you to downgrade an Android app directly, so if you have not kept the apk file of the previous version, you are forced to stay in the latest version.

Also, some apps are automatically updated without leaving you room for choice. But even without having to access your root of your phone, you can always run an earlier version of an application. Below you will find a guide that tells you the best method to do downgrade one application.

Android OS apps are typically a single, compressed, APK-compressed file. There is a different file for each version of each application. The archives of older versions are unfortunately not provided by their makers, so you are forced to search them in third party sites. But you should be very careful when downloading files from the internet, as they may sometimes have malware embedded. However, unfortunately this is the only way to get the older versions free of charge.

The site APK Mirror is a free repository of old versions and has a reputation for being safe as the site was created by Android Police (but never be sure of anyone). The website claims to provide "clean" files, especially for application degradation.

Its operation is relatively simple. You can search for the application you are looking for and then choose the version you are interested in through a range of publications.

Once you've found the right file, download the APK file on your phone. Uninstall the original app from your device (the latest version you no longer care about). Open File Manager on your phone and navigate to the space where you have the APK file (usually in downloads).

downgrade downgrade

Touch it to open it and it will be installed on your device. You may need to allow applications to be installed from unknown sources. This is done from the Settings> Security> Unknown Sources menu. Of course, be sure to turn off automatic app updates

Lastly, keep in mind that older versions of applications are more prone to hacks and support, so make sure to keep your personal data in a backup. Also make sure to scan with an antivirus application the APK file and all the phone after installation. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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