Download all Windows ISO and Office

To download Windows ISO or Office, directly from Microsoft, you should first find them. AdGuard is a third-party internet service that allows you to download ISO images of Microsoft software or operating systems directly with one click.

Of course you can always download Windows ISO images from Microsoft but it is quite complicated especially if you are looking for older company

One of the best options is to use their program Windows ISO Downloader of This program will help you to download Windows or Office ISO images directly from Microsoft servers.

However, the app only works in WindowWorks, so you will be useless if you are using a different operating system.

The AdGuard website offers an alternative and unlike Windows ISO Downloader works everywhere after all it takes is a modern browser, no software installation or plugins.

Just choose the language and product you want to download from the page menus.

The page reports the size of the download file as well as the SHA1 hash.

The AdGuard website appears to use links from Microsoft TechBench, the same source as the ISO Downloader.
The page seems to have been developed by the well-known lectors rgadguard and WZorNET responsible for all leaks Insider builds on-line

Of course, we can not know how much the project will keep, as Microsoft could cut TechBench's access at any time.

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