The new Chrome 25.0.1364.97 fixes 22 security blanks

The new Chrome Google has just been released.

Total 22 vulnerabilities, two of which affect only Mac and Linux versions, have been determined by Google with the release of the new Chrome 25.

Vulnerabilities are severe and include memory corruption with web audio identified by OUSPG's Atte Kettunen, use-after-free database manipulation discovered by Chamal de Silva, and poor memory access with excessive SVG parameters found by Renata Hodovan.

High-severity problems have been discovered by members of the Google Chrome security team and include integer overflow in blob handling, an overflow of the buffer in Vorbis decoding, a memory management issue in plug-and-go management.

Independent researchers who have discovered security holes in Chrome have been awarded a total of 3.500 dollars by Google.

Download the new Chrome

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