Download free 9 Android games for a few days

The following 9 Android games can be downloaded for free for a few days. Prevent now before they return to their normal value.


If you're looking for some new, modern Android games to play, you might be interested in the following 9 game titles that, while usually paid, are available for free on Google Play for a few days.

This collection has many different genres, so we made sure to include a picture of the game, a video trailer and a description under each title to help you with the selection process.

Also, check out the end of the free sale for each game, next to the corresponding download link. At the time of writing (March 10), some of these titles have only a few hours of freebie, so it is advisable to download any title you want quickly.

iLovecraft Collection Vol. 1
Free delivery expires at: 7 days Put it down from here

Although not a "game" in the traditional sense of the word, the iLovecraft Collection Vol. 1 is a series of interactive stories based on popular fairy tales by the famous horror writer HP Lovecraft. The first volume features three masterpieces, Dagon, The Hound, and The Window.

The entire first volume is available in 4 languages, contains 125 pages and more than 46 illustrations, 50 animations and 60 interactive pages. You can rotate your phone to reveal what's in the shadows, touch objects to reveal the shaded elements, and turn around to see if something is out of sight. There is even extra content in the form of a writer biography and a sketchbook.

Alter Dogma
Free delivery expires at: 7 days Put it down from here

Alter Dogma is one of the few 2D dungeon RPGs you can play offline with no ads and in-app purchases. Your story explores the world in an attempt to find clues about the Tree of Life (Holy Tree), managing the Knights recruited by the Order.

Decide on the Knights you want and guide them on a journey into an unknown world. Give your Knights strength, intelligence, vitality, dexterity, flexibility and luck - six skills you can strategically distribute to enjoy an extensive battle using nine types of knights and specific functional skills. Each character has 10 unique skills and their common abilities can be used in battle. There are also 106 types of equipment that can equip your Knights to face the most difficult tests.

You can achieve "achievements" through various tests and events. Some are difficult, some are enjoyable, and there are overall 26 achievements.

Stickman Revenge 3: League of Heroes
Free delivery expires at: 1 day | Put it down from here

Stickman Revenge 3: League of Heroes is quite a fun game. You can choose between 6 different characters, each one has its own unique style of violence to the enemy. Collect coins, power-ups, defeat your enemies and see how far you can go.

A recent update has added a favorite animal as a combat mate. Different animals will increase your bonus and allow you to earn more coins as you battle through the different levels.

Free delivery expires in: 3 days | Download it from here

As the title suggests, GeoMaze is a geometric puzzle that is very enjoyable. Its appearance resembles pinball. Each level starts with a ball that falls from the top of the screen and you have to rotate the various shapes that appear to reach the target at the bottom of the stage.

There are many different levels to try and you can even experiment with different balls, each of which has unique features that affect different physics puzzles.

Little Stars 2.0 - Sci-fi Strategy Game
Free delivery expires at: 5 days Put it down from here

Little Stars 2.0 is a very interesting minimalist strategy game. Your goal is pretty simple: conquer all enemy star systems. These stars and the star system are represented as spherical nodes connected by various roads. You can conquer a star by sending your spaceship fleet there. If an enemy controls a particular star node, you can take control by sending more spacecraft from your enemy.

The game has more than 162 offline levels. If you want to pass each level with the maximum amount of points, you should complete the level in less time with maximum efficiency.

Planar Conquest - 4X turn-based strategy
Free delivery expires at: 1 day | Put it down from here

If you are a fan of strategy games, you should give an opportunity to Planar Conquest. Become a powerful magician and drive one of the 8 different races into the final victory. Explore multiple scenarios, attack in prisons and conquer cities.

Develop your army, cast strong spells and call divine creatures. Create new cities and climb the hierarchy by making 50 different city improvements and creating 160 unit types, ranging from soldiers to mythical dragons.

Message Quest - the amazing adventures of Feste
Free delivery expires at: 6 days Put it down from here

Message Quest is a small adventure about laziness. The atmosphere and the story is inspired by well-known Japanese animation studio.

The story is about a lazy preacher named Feste. You can meet preachers who appear at the beginning of each story, looking for a hero to deliver the "call to adventure". Just before interesting things start to happen.

This is Feste's job: find a hero and give him the call to adventure. He does not want to save the world, but all he wants to do is sleep and eat candies. You have to become his consciousness and lead him through races.

Free delivery expires at: 1 day | Put it down from here

Dungeon999 is a RPG (Role-playing game) game. The world has been filled with increasingly aggressive slime monsters and you are ordered to kill them to restore peace to your city. The slimes live in a dungeon with 999 levels and, guess what, you need to clear them.

The main characters of this game are the wandering warrior Jack and the magician Rose. Rose must collect enough mana to pass a given stage. During this period he can not move, so you have to protect him from slime with Jack. Rose can do some very destructive spells.

Dungeon999 has great retro graphics and a really fun story, so we suggest you give it a try.

God's Orbits - Gravity Puzzles
Free delivery expires at: 7 days Put it down from here

God's Orbits is a physics puzzle with a very entertaining story. God is tired of creating stars and planets and has decided to take a weekly vacation in Cancun !!. You are in charge of replacing it and you are commanded to design solar systems and galaxies.

The game accurately simulates Newton's law of universal gravity. You can control the speed and direction of a planet. You will need to find the exact orbit of a planet to make it revolve around another celestial body. The game contains 60 unique levels that include wormholes, various types of stars, different planets, and even black holes. If you want an experience that is "closer to Earth", you can still play with a solar system.



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