Download your Facebook chat history for safe keeping

If you need to keep your conversations at Facebook then read this article to see how to do it.

There is a possibility to talk to Facebook with a friend and, because of the importance of your conversation, want to save it. In some cases you may need to keep only part of the conversation and in others the whole. Whatever your needs, we inform you that there are methods to save part or all of the conversation.

You do not need to be a tech genius to be able to do this. The process is simple and takes place without third-party applications, but directly through its capabilities Facebook.

Let's go see.
1. Sign in to your account at Facebook and go to "Settings" and from there to "Your information in Facebook”Located in the left column.

2. On the right side of the screen and in the "Download your information" bar, click the corresponding "View" button.

3. The new screen that will appear by default is marked all backup that you can get. Click "Uncheck All" to unmark them in bulk, then select only "Messages you've shared with other people in Messenger".

4. If you want to limit the time backup and do not download the entire chat history, then click on "Time: All My Data" and in the calendar that appears, select the time range you want.

The process of creating a file backup may take some time, depending on the volume of data. The Facebook informs you about it and when the creation is finished it will send you a pop-up message. He will also send you an email.

5. Once you are notified that the file is ready, go to "Available Copies" to download it. If you do not see it, though Facebook told you it is ready, do a refresh of the page (reload page).

Press the download button, enter your password again at Facebook, if requested, and wait for it to come down. You will get a ZIP file containing all your data. Unzip it to your own folder and then run "index.html". You will see all your conversations, individually per person, in block form.

6. Go with File Explorer to the folder with backup and from there enter the folder "messages”And then in the“ inbox ”folder. There you will see folders with the conversations of all your friends, separated by friend.

Select the friend you are interested in, go into his folder and run the "message_1.html" file. You will see all of your chat history with your particular friend, and as you understand you have only to save somewhere and permanently, only that particular history, so as to reduce the amount of data.


If you have to keep your important conversations going, now you know the way. If you go through the above process, you will be surprised at what Facebook holds on its servers. His ability backup Conversation is especially useful, especially if you want to have a copy of your conversation with a deceased person so that you can remember the conversation with him.

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