Hackers have stolen a site from the FBI and are making it online at Dark Net

Last week, authorities took control 27 web pages Dark Net and was widely publicized in Operation Onymous, a campaign against illegal Tor services.

But as a website seems to have been unable to keep it for long in their possession. A hidden service, which was seized (Doxbin), is again online when Dark Net hackers took it from the federations.
The Doxbin website is a website dedicated to hosting tens of thousands of files containing sensitive information such as addresses, phone numbers, Social Security Numbers, credit cards and more.
The loss of Doxbin last week probably did not like the site's fanatics.

While the police took control of the premises, its owners remain free and speaking to the public.

So the hackers undertook to take Doxbin back from the federations and host the site on another server. Already there are at least three new .onion addresses leading to the website, according to the search engine ahmia.fi. In addition, hackers have created a new .onion address to prevent another Fox seizure of Doxbin.

At this time access to Doxbin is possible from the following addresses: http://npieqpvpjhrmdchg.onion/ and http://doxbinumfxfyytnh.onion, ie those that were seized, and http://doxbinrqbk7lcslw.onion added as a new address.
Please note that a .onion address is simply a hash from a private key used to control the domain. Owners of the domain just removed the private key off and thus unloaded the police. Then they created new private keys.



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